Dynamic Data Which Is Displayed Into Chart

I have this Price Monitoring System,

It will first get a start_date and end_date from the user,

Then it will get all the dates from start to end

 If date is equivalent to a date which had price update

   check if what area it belongs( Phil, Eng, Canada)

      store date_which_it_was_updated and price data into that area

then I would like to transfer it to a chart that in this format

    'series' => array(

							//name = area , data = prices..

							 array('name' => 'Area must be here', 'data' => 

                                                                //data found here


                                                                              //date_reg and price

									array('2012-11-09', 1),

									array('2012-12,22', 3),




How can I transfer values into this format name => area date=>prices