Dynamic Activecheckboxlist

I’m creating a survey (questionnaire). In the questionnaire, there are questions of the following types:



multy-variant (checkbox).

With a numeric and univariate works, the form is created and edited. But in multivariate impossible to make editing. tables:

Questions (QuesID, QuesName)

Answers (AnsID, AnsQuesFK, AnsPoint)

Variants(VarID, VarQuesFK, VarName)

How to read the data in activeCheckBoxList for editing? When you edit a read only option.

if($item[0]['EquipType'] == "radio") {

    echo CHtml::activeRadioButtonList($item[1], "[$i]PointAnswer", CHtml::listData($item[0]->variants, 'VarID', 'VarName'), array('style' => 'width: 404px;', 'labelOptions' => array('style' => 'display: inline-block;')));

} else if($item[0]['EquipType'] == "check") { 

    echo CHtml::activeCheckBoxList($item[1], "[$i]PointAnswer", CHtml::listData($item[0]->variants, 'VarID', 'VarName'), array('labelOptions' => array('style' => 'display: inline-block;'))); 

} else {

    echo CHtml::activeTextField($item[1], "[$i]PointAnswer", array('autocomplete'=>'off'));