Du p'tit producteur


My wife and me just started this webpage offering to the french public a directory in which you can find small and medium farmers in all France.

The place is www.duptitproducteur.fr (It seems I am too new in this forum to post links)

The site was made using Yii2 using a SQLite DB in the backend.

As we are still very small, we are aiming to have 20k+ farmers from all France.

It has a English section ;)

I hope you can enter and give me feedback.

Did I mention I just love Yii2?


great site !! good job !! un site pour le gourmands !!

A search feature would be nice to have …

here is the link [b]www.duptitproducteur.fr



Yes! I am planning to add a search bar… but when we have lots and lots of producteurs! (we are aiming to have 20k at least ;) )

Very kind of your part to put the link.