DstImageField - Image upload form widget

Hi all,

I am currently working on CMS project based on Yii framework. Some of our content types contain image fields. I tried file upload built in field, but I end up with my custom solution.

This is a form widget for image upload. It shows image preview if associated model already contains one.

To find out more check detailed explanation:


Extension is hosted on github:


Current version is 0.1 as we are still developing this CMS but it serves us well.






I don’t know if similar image upload extension already exists. I have just tried to upload it to extensions section but it says that I don’t have enough posts on forum.

Is there a live demo of this?

There isn’t live demo because extension contains PHP code besides Javascript. Extension is hosted on github so if it is interesting to you feel free to download and test. There is also readme.md on github that describes installation and usage.

Hi Marko!

This is just what I was looking for.

Help me a litlle out.

I’m just starting with Yii and I have a lot of questions.

First of all: where do I install your widget:

  1. inside the framework

  2. outside the framework(this is my guess)

  3. inside my webapp

Second: What else do I have to setup to get it up and running?

Thanks a lot for your help!