Drupal Pro Needed - Yes I know it's a Yii forum

Hi Yii community,

I’m looking for a Drupal pro for a client who has another bigger project. You have to be a pro in Drupal because I’ve gone through codebase and it isn’t great. Currently having issues with deploying locally and cors.

Worst still this is a recovery job and the previous dev has gone hostile with no documentation around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Drupal 8
Setup as a API with custom modules, About 250 tables

Frontend Vue.js

This is by no means a simple job. But I’ll like to work with someone from the Yii community.

Drop me a PM.

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Hello @auzadventure

I would like to assist you, as an experience in this.
PM sent, do check

Very Best Regards

I am interested to assist on requirement posted.
Please check PM sent


Thanks for your PM, we managed to fill the job. next time!!!

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