dropDownList Data

Hi all,

I need your help once more :)

In multiple views of my application (register/edit/search) I need several dropdowns with colors and sizes. And I would like to reuse the data array I create. They don’t come from a database.

But I’m not sure on which is the best way to access these arrays:

  • call a method of my controller from the view which returns the array

  • call the method in my controller and assign it to the view

  • use a widget

  • use a partial

  • others?

To maintain the MVC pattern I probably should assign those in my controller. But this means I need to assign 5-10 arrays to my view on every action I need them.

And if I request them from the view, would this be ok?

	public function getEyeColors()


		return array(

			false => 'Bitte wählen...',

			'brown' => 'brown',

			'green' => 'green',



What’s best practice, what do you use?



The purpose of MVC is to help you write reusable and maintainable code. Don’t hesitate to break the rules when it results in even more reusable and maintainable code :)

It would be OK.