Dropdown List Target Source

I have taken over the build of a site: www.leadassist.co.uk/register.

The ‘Company’ dropdown list is currently pointing at an SQL database which holds only a portion of the data that I require. The site is currently linked to an XML web service which holds all of the data that I need, but I cannot get this particular field - the ‘Company’ dropdown - to point at it.

I am only just finding my feet with this framework, hence my query. Does anyone know where I would set the target source for the dropdown list to look at the XML service instead of the SQL? As mentioned, I know that the XML is functioning because it is pulling the data in another part of the site.

If I need to supply anything, let me know.


Without looking too deep into it, I’d suggest you read the contents of the xml file into an array, then create a fresh array based on your required values, something like:

$list = array();

$xmlValue = array(1,2,3);// your xml fields

foreach($xmlValue as $key=>$value)


 $list[$key] = $value;


return $list;