Dropdown List Add Aditional Options To Each Option

This is my code

<?php echo CHtml::dropDownList

			('lang', 'hr',

				array('hr'=>'Hrvatski', 'en'=>'English', 'de'=>'Deutsch', 'serb'=>'Srpski', 'bih'=>'BiH', 'slo'=>'Slovenski'),

				array('onClick'=>'izaberijezik()', 'hr'=>array())

			); ?>

And it works until


. Cause I would like to generate option with data-image value

<option value="hr" data-image="/images/flags/Croatia.png"  >Hrvatski</option>

check this wikki link. you will get a complete idea what you have to do.

and specially this one…

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htmlOptions explained for various controls.  

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Most controls that are rendered by CHtml have an argument called $htmlOptions. This argument is an array that holds the attributes of the HTML element. For example the following code:

<?php echo CHtml::link("Yii","http://www.yiiframework.com",array("style"=>"color: orange;")); ?>

Will render this link:

<a style="color: orange;" href="http://www.yiiframework.com">Yii</a>

Some tags are more complicated, for example a drop down list is composed of multiple tags:





To get attributes onto the options, add a sub-array called "options" to your htmlOptions. For example to color each item in your drop down a different color this code:

$items = array("1" => "first", "2" => "second");

$options["options"] = array("1"=>array("style" => "color:red"), "2"=>array("style"=>"color:blue"));

echo CHtml::dropDownList("myDropDown", null, $items,$options);

Produces this html:

<select name="myDropDown" id="myDropDown"> 

<option value="1" style="color:red">first</option> 

<option value="2" style="color:blue">second</option> 


i hope it will help you a lot :)

That helped. thank you very much

that’s great ;)