Dressmyrun.com - What To Wear For Your Run

Dress My Run automatically grabs the weather conditions and gives a recommendation on what to wear if you’re going for a run.

I launched this site about 2 months ago and just did a small redesign to accommodate future weather forecasts recently. Inspired by (Runner’s Worlds What To Wear Tool), I built this when their tool was unavailable for a time after they redesigned their site. I think mine turned out better anyway :)

[size="4"]Powered by Yii 1.1.13[/size]

[size="5"]Extensions: [/size]

[size="5"]Yii Components[/size]

CWebUser was extended to abstract away user preferences regardless of whether they have logged in (prefs stored in database) or not (prefs stored in cookies).

CDbLogRoute was extended to log additional information to the database. Unless I’m missing something this is supported, but generates an additional log message, I wanted to capture this information within the same message.

CController was extended to allow sending JSON responses.

Additional custom components were creating for providing weather forecasts and the actual recommendations.

[size="5"]Other components[/size]

  • Forecast.io currently used for weather forecasts.

  • Google Places API powers the location search.

  • GeoLite by MaxMind provides IP address to location data.

  • MySQL

  • Bootstrap

  • Font Awesome

  • jQuery

very nice. good work

Thanks jneto!