Drag and Drop in table leg

Not sure if this is a question for Yii or if I should be redirecting to a more general web development forum, so feel free to redirect me if needed.

I have been using the Kartik FileInput to enable drag and drop functionality to a form. So my users have a table of items, they press a button within an item row to open the form in which they can drag/drop files …

Now, I’m being asked if there might be a way to allow them to drag and drop directly on a table row, which would automatically open the form and include the dragged/dropped file? So (i) enable drag-drop on the table rows, that it would trigger opening the form and push the file into the form.

This is out of my level of competence. I am more than willing to learn if someone here is willing to help me though.

Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can offer.