download csv files from uploaded in directory

i have folder in my web folder i have csv file inside that,i need when user click on download link it will download,below is my code i m using

in view

<?= Html::a( '  Download Sample file here', ['/student/download'], ['class'=>'pull-left']) ?>

in controller

public function actionDownload()


         $pa= Yii::$app->getBasePath();



        Yii::$app->response->xSendFile( $pa.'/web/csv-samples/student.csv' ); 


my problem is when i click on download link pop-up is opnening and i can download file but problem is file is coming emprty,or if i m using image then image also coming empty(0 byte).

please i need help on this.


I would guess your webserver is not supportding xSendFile.