Doubt to start new project

Hello friends

I use Yii 1.x 3 years, and a make much projects.

But now I need start a new projetc and I gonna try Yii 2.

Normally I use Yii 1.x directly on git:, on this way I always use the updated yii 1.x.

When I need create a new project in yii i use this command line:

YiiRoot/framework/yiic webapp WebRoot/testdrive

To work with Yii 2, I would like to use Yii 2 direct in git. Whats is the link to git?

After I clone Yii 2 projetct in my computer, How can I create a new project direct in console?

I also used to do things this way with Yii 1.x but it is really well worth switching to composer, it is a breeze. around 2-3 minutes to install from scratch and makes managing the development cycle a no brainer

In another post a user sad me to use composer too, so I gonna try it.