Doubt about CButtonColumn

Good Afternoon

I creame some CButtonColumn, is works ok, there is a kind of buttom for example:

'deleteButtonUrl'=>'Yii::app()->createUrl("/distribuidores/desativarip", array("id" =>  $data["id"]))',

This kind of button works without recharge the page or change the page, it only run the process and use ajax to update the CGridView. I need create a button like this, I created a button, and it works, but changing the page. This is my button:

  'buttons' => array(

                        'ativar' => array(

                            'label' => 'ativar',

                            'url' => 'Yii::app()->createUrl("/distribuidores/ativarip", array("id" =>  $data["id"]))',


                            'imageUrl' => '../images/ativar.png',




How can I use this button without recharge the page and update the data on cgridview? Like the deleteButtonUrl