I really dig the query builder feature introduced to CDbCommand in 1.1.6 as it makes my code so much more readable. But I am missing an (MySQL only) SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS - FOUND_ROWS() option. Any plans to add this? Or did maybe someone already write an extended class?

I hope this is the right forum. Just learning my ways around here ;)


SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS isn’t really a best practice and doesn’t work well in all cases. Also it’s MySQL specific so I don’t think it will be included into Yii core.

Well, you are right - but it is quite handy some times. And CDbCommands select() method already checks columns for parentheses, so it wouldn’t hurt to implement a check to spare it from quoteColumnName() …


Since today - version 1.1.8 - this is now implemented in CDbCommand select().


Thank you!