Does Yii have a dropdown menu feature?

Does cmenu enable dropdown menu? I have searched for this feature and have not found it.

CMenu does not have the dropdown effects yes, it does let you do parent > child > child items… So you can use any of the javascript/jquery plugins to make it work with it… Or you may use a dropdown CMenu like extensions, i’ve seen few, try them? :)

CMenu Class outputs an herachical <ul><li> structure that can be driven with your own css styles. Searching the web with "css dropdown" should return a lot of different css rules that fit your needs.

Some extensions are also alvailable:





maybe not an exhaustive list btw

Hi Luc,

Thank you very much for your answer. I will try the links. Hope I’ll succeed in doing what I want

Hi Rookie84,

Thanks for your reply. I will try the extensions. I guess it’s what Luc also suggested.

PS. I am quite new to PHP and Yii. My problem is that I need to go fast with it because I have a project to submit. But I feel I am spending too much time in looking for features I need and trying to understand how Yii works. I have not come across an extensive tutorial on Yii. Can you suggest something to help, please?

Many thanks

For beginning with Yii, I suggest you to read the blog tutorial, then start programing with an eye on the definitive guide and study the api to understand deeper how Yii works (also good for learning php programing).

You will also find some really usefull informations in the wiki and nice addons in the extensions directory

Good Luck

Try the learning resources luc suggested, I would suggest train yourself it won’t take much and then you won’t have any troubles doing your project in a short time; otherwise you’ll get yourself stuck in doing the project - PS there’s no harm in learning the Yii framework not just for the sake of the project :)

Thanks very much for the useful information and advice.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do. If it had not been for the deadline it would have been totally different :-[ because Yii is mind blowing. I’ll definitely learn it with a different mindset once I finish the project. Thanks

Thank you very much for the useful links and advice.

Good luck :)


Just to let you know that I used the extension cdropdownmenu and it is great. Of course, I have had to modify the superfish.css. Thank you very much. ;)

I’m glad to hear that.