Does Yii 2 have any decent extensions yet like Yii Wheels


I use to use Yii Wheels when using Yii 1, to give me the extra power like date range pickers, bootstrap grids / forms, extra grid columns like tick column, multiselect etc.

Does Yii 2 have a similar framework / extension available yet?


Take a look at those, they are great:

Absolutely amazing, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Just been having a go with some of the widgets.

Pure amazing!

It’s great extensions, I used a lot of them :)

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but isn’t most of YiiWheels integrated into the official YiiBootstrap package?

However, has some really awesome stuff.

Yii Wheels is like an addon for Yii Boostrap.

In Bootstrap you might get a "date" picker, but Yii Wheels will give you a "date range" picker and time picker.

It just has more stuff basically.

I used YiiWheels for Yii 1, actually.

I dropped out of the loop before the discussions about which features to integrate from YiiWheels into Yii 2 were over. :)

Since the YiiWheels team were mostly Yii team members also, I assumed that most of was integrated.

I would say the Yii team integrated "most" of the Yii Bootstrap features, but none of the Yii Wheels features.