Does Cstatrelation Cache Its Results In Some Way?

I have a simple CActiveRecord class for a Company that has some CStatRelation’s to some related classes for counting associated records. In Company, I define these relations like this:

public function relations() {

   return CMap::mergeArray(parent::relations(), array(

      'booksCount' => array(self::STAT,      'Book',      'company_id'),

      'usersCount' => array(self::STAT,      'User',      'company_id'),

      'reconcilesCount' => array(self::STAT, 'Reconcile', 'company_id'),



These relations work fine to count the related elements from a Company element, issuing this SQL when I count users, for example:

SELECT `company_id` AS `c`, COUNT(*) AS `s` FROM `user` `t` WHERE (`t`.`company_id`=1) GROUP BY `company_id`

I have a User object for the logged in user that is saved in the CWebUser session with setState/getState. This in turn has a BELONGS_TO relation for the Company the user belongs to, and a common practice in the code is to reference the logged in user’s company via this relation.

My problem, though, is those CStatRelation’s out of the Company record (for example, Yii::app()->user->company->usersCount()). When referenced at subsequent places after the first time, they no longer issue any SQL, they return what must be a cached value (e.g. the same value they returned when they were first called).

I have detailed tracing turned on and can see CActiveRecord is not issuing any SQL when these are called, and I have verified the values being returned are the same values as when they were first called. I have no data caching turned on for the application, and thus no query caching. I verified this by printing Yii::app()->cache at the point of the Stat queries, and it’s null.

I can replace the Stat query with something like:

User::model()->countByAttributes(array('company_id' => Yii::app()->user->company_id))

And it will work perfectly. The proper COUNT(*) SQL query is issued and I get a proper up-to-date count of the related records with no apparent caching of results (as I want). I can also do a count(Yii::app()->user->company->users) and it will also work, although that’s inefficient to retrieve all the data records just to get a count.

So, is there some form of simple caching for CStatRelation returned results? I see descriptions of lazy and eager loading in the documentation. Is this what is biting me? I guess because the Stat query is lazy, it has cached the result and will never return a different result? Is there a way to force it to always reissue SQL to get a fresh result every time?

Thanks for any answer.

I had the same problem and now i solved it:

Instead of

$count = $model->usersCount;

you can write

$count = $model->getRelated('usersCount',true);

The second parameter refresh the related objects from the database.