I am having difficulty converting the blog tutorial pdf document to InDesign CS3 to expand upon it.

Any suggestions?

Can you please provide more details? Also, we don't have experience with InDesign. The plain text version that is used to create the pdf is available.

Xie xie Wei.

1.  I want to adapt the blog tutorial to be specific to MySQL and with extended features.

2.  Building upon 1, I want write a tutorial for building a typical corporate website with multiple user groups, in-house use, and front-end publication. The type of demo would be typical of local government and national tourist organisation use, so would also suit clubs, charities and small to medium firms.

I could use Tex within TeXnicCenter (Windows), or use the editor originally used to create the blog tutorial PDF. I would like to keep the look and feel of what I produce the same as that in the blog tutorial.

Any help, like the original text file, appreciated.

I notice many CSS classes conforming to each element of code description on the Web page version. Are you using XSL-FO for production of PDF versions? If so, what package(s)?


We convert from Markdown to LaTex first and then use latex2pdf to generate the PDF file. You may find the converters under the 'build' directory.

That is very helpful, thank you.