I'm working right now and see that we use a lot of cheatsheet for programming JS and other frameworks (.net fw). I think that Yii CheatSheet will be a great help to people that is starting with the framework.

I can help with the design if you like to do one! :D

Yes, I want to create one, but don't know how. It'll be great if you can help! Thanks!

Just give me some of the Main Application Class, Request, Cookies, Session files and we make a first cheatsheet about the Application class.

Also we can add the diagram that is on the guide about MVC pattern in Yii (with filters, actions, etc.)

Let's get the following out:

Yii (extends YiiBase)

CWebApplication (extends CApplication)

CController (extends CBaseController)

CWidget (extends CWidget)










CWidget (extends CWidget)


oops, should be CWidget extends CBaseController. Sorry.

Hello.  I'm working on my first Yii application and learning the framework.  I was wondering if you guys have made any progress on the cheat sheet?

I find myself looking at the Yii comprehensive guide often for common things and it would be nice to have a cheat sheet for things like render-> and and AR and RAR type of things.


any news on the cheatsheet, yet? (all the big frameworks have at least one ;)



Well, Zend Framework made one only last month!

It may took time!



i was referring to CakePHP and Rails, they have very nice CheatSheets :)


Ok, I need the cheat sheet today for a course for some of the new developers at our company.

I finish it.

You can download it from here

Please, tell me what do you think to change it and make a new one

Maybe change the link to appropriate? :) This one does not work despite “Page not found” does not appear.

I was happy that you have released cheat sheet and frustrated that I can not download it :)

Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid this file is empty (tried to save link target as…). Can’t wait to try this cheatsheet out. :)

I’ve fixed it. Sorry for that :P

Very nice job, sebas. Thanks! :)

Very nice! May I put it in the documentation section?

For CDbCommand, I suggest adding execute() and remove prepare and cancel. The former is commonly used while the latter not.

Great work, I appreciate! May I suggest to make use of the new design for the project site, so it might better fit to the rest of the content?

Yes, of course!!!

I’ve changed CDbCommand. You can download the new version here

There is an error: it says "CWidget (extends CWidget)"

OK, I’ve fixed it now.

You can download it here