Documentation upgrade


I’m very glad that yii framework has cool documentation, but time to time i face with one discomfort.

If I go to this place http://www.yiiframew…hasFlash-detail of yii documentation

I can read about function and the I want search for another function, so I click on to the browser scrooler and drag to the bottom of page and than i write another function name. It can be there some kind of anchor than I can click it and go to the top automatically.

It can be an arrow or something else.

I think I described my idea clearly :)


Are you suggesting a position:fixed element that scrolls to the top of the document? Something like these?


Yes, it would be great to have this element attached on each function on the right side

Just another suggestion (not sure if this is the correct place), when a documentation page is loaded up the input field at the top gets the focus automatically - this isn’t really useful especially if you prefer to use keyboard navigation!

Uhmm…so what is your suggestion?

I think it would be better if the "scroll to top" button is always available on the right bottom of the page. Means position:fixed like thinkt4nk suggested. See this for example (scroll down to see effect).

That’s not really a big problem…

If it has focus: click on the page, then press Ctrl+Home to get to the top. ;)

It’s not really a problem, but having a link to the top of the page will surely add convenience to readers like myself.

I like it! You have my vote :)