Docs: Please Update

Hi guys,

first of all big thanks for your great work on Yii2, I follow the updates nearly daily.

Unfortunately - being a developer working heavily on customers requests - I don’t have the time to read through all the new sources. And it seems that although the framework itself grows day by day the documentation is a little outdated.

I’ve used Yii for some projects, like the voting for the German Televison Price. But beeing totally engaged in new customer’s requests, I can’t deal with every source change in all the diffenrent frameworks I use.

What’s totally missing for example is an easy explanation of how to build an own application structure - which is marked as TBD for more than half a year. What I also liked in Yii 1: yiic.php webapp myapp. Do you plan to integrate such a shortcut again? Or could you please update your docs for building an own structure quickly?

I know that documentation is mostly the last thing that developers write. But it was one of the reasons I preferred Yii. And most of us are only users: Schedules are short. We don’t have time to read the sources. We have to build apps fast. That’s why we use frameworks. And Yii was the best I’ve met.

Here’s what official note tells us:

Also notice that you don’t need to read throught the sources, just watch changelog file.

Here’s ‘webapp myapp’ for simple app:

and for the complex one:

Also there’s a skeleton app:

Here’s another quote from the docs:

Already said that I read the sources nearly daily. That implies reading the changelog.

I know about these. Thanks for giving me unuseful hints.

But it would be nice as well to keep the docs a little more up-to-date. For all those of us, who plan to start implementing Yii2 products BEFORE it’ll be marked as stable. Must not be complete docs, but more information could be useful, cause there’s a lot of changes.

So according to the topic “General Discussions for Yii 2.0” I’d just like to suggest to keep docs a little bit closer to the current coding progress.

There are no outdated docs currently. Only not yet existing ones. I’m working constantly in filling the gap. If you can help I’d appreciate it.

Hope so for the future. I’m still working through all the changes (compared to Yii 1), trying to understand what is happening when and why. just added more docs.