doc page missing

I don’t know where to post about this problem : the page is missing.

The topic is interesting.

It wasn’t there at the time of release. Added recently and will be there with 2.0.1 release.

Thank you.

There’s the same problem with this page :

I was looking for a doc explaing how to share Yii2 sources between several applications.

I was thinking about extracting yiisoft directory from /vendor and using symbolic links in each app pointing to it. Is it good ?

jpj, it’s better to use Composer and have a copy of framework for each app. Makes updating less surprising.

Security page isn’t ready yet.

Won’t it be longer to update all the apps ? I thought that it would have been faster using symlinks to one source folder.

I’ve never used composer so I don’t know what it can do. I can launch an update for several apps in one operation ?

No, you can’t update multiple non-related apps at once (you can have a batch script that does so though). Yes, it will take more time to update.

Ok. I don’t understand what problems could occur using symlinks pointing to 1 yiisoft folder that would be the only one updated manually.

Probably none but I can’t be sure. Never tried it.

I think I’ll try that to save time or maybe I’ll symlink to the vendor directory.