Doc about yii-user-management

Hi everyone,

I am trying find document describe each function in yii-user-management, and how we can configure it with my app. I read the doc file that came with yii-user-management but it is talking about installation only which is OK. I need your guidance where I can find description about each functions in yii-user-management extension?

Another thing, I need to make sure the authentications works well via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, and OpenLDAP? how I can configure it? I went to admin page and I check it all the box for Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, and I tested login via facebook but never work. Even openldap TAP not configuration there!!!

How I can allow users login via Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, and OpenLDAP using this extension?

Thanks for support.

-> extension/yii-user-management/

Thanks. I need more information about my needs.