Do You Use Phpunit?

Hello everybody,

I am learning to use Yii Framework since six months more or less and I have a question: In the real world, is it use tests with PHPUnit? I am thinking to learn PHPUnit with Selenium but I do not know if it use in real web application to test your web application.

Anyway, do you use PHPUnit with Selenium to test your yii web applications? Do you encourage me to learn PHPUnit and Selenium?

Thank you.

Hi my friend,

In a few cases the selenium and phpunit is useful for debugging specially when the website is online

Assume we have a large and/or complicated project and we want to extend it.

How could you achieve that without the possibility of online crashing?

Additional when exist a large team of developers on this project it is more useful

The phpunit solves the most of these cases/problems and it is more easy to you to complete models/controllers/views and so on without to check entire site over and over

It is obviously that it is not useful to use phpunit/selenium for little changes.