Do you use ApcCache when you have opcache enabled ?

I have projects on two servers. One has PHP 5.4, other has 5.5. First one got APC, second got opcache.

If I have Yii2 project on PHP 5.5 server, do I use yii\caching\ApcCache ? Do I have to install APC on server with opcache ? If not, do I use fileCache with just opcache enabled in background ? I prefer using APC over File, but what to do on 5.5 with opcache ?

I think you can use APCu with OPCache. APCu is the subset of APC that only supports the user cache.

Thanks, but do I use yii\caching\ApcCache or yii\caching\FileCache, if I have 5.5 version with OPCache ?

You can use yii\caching\ApcCache if you include APCu extension.