Do You Know For Any Yii Extension That Supports Newer Version Of Tinymce

Do you know for any yii extension that supports newer version of TinyMCE?

I have an old extension that supports tinymce 2.0 but there are lots of versions after 2.0. Current actual version is 4.0.8 witch is pretty cool.

Is there an extension for tinymce 4.x?

Thanks in advance!

Since TinyMCE extension is just PHP wrapper for some JS code, I suppose it’s not so hard to modify a couple of lines of the extension’s code to make it support 4.x.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty :)

It is not a problem for me to do it but it will be stupid if I have it done and after that I found that it already exists somewhere :)

A ORey said, just edit the extension.

I never use an yii extensions which is only a wrapper for a js one, I prefer to download the js and write a wrapper.

Usually a wrapper result in 10 lines of php code, it absolutely does not worth the pain of looking for a yii library which may lack of some parameter I need.

Ok mates,

Later today I am going to try …

Take al look at this tutorial.

I second that.