Do I need InnoDB to use Yii transactions?

Hello again!

My question maybe looks very dummy, but I truly don't know. Should I use InnoDB if I want to be able to use beginTransaction and so on… ?


Yes, you need InnoDB for transactions. MyISAM doesn't support transactions and uses table-level locking.

So, Qiang, can you say the final word, do I have to you InnoDB, to use Yii transactions?

I don't have InnoDB Preinstalled, so I will have to install it manually and this takes effors, that's why I am asking.

What waylex said is correct. Note that Yii DAO is just a think wrapper of PDO. Please refer to the following page for more information:…transaction.php

Ah, I see now. I hope I will be able to install InnoDB manually, without reinstalling AppServ.