Displaying related records on new page

Dear Gurus!

Please help me to find out the way to do following:

I have master - detail relationships between entities in my db.

On "master page" i need to have link to display related detail records.

I’ve already set up the relations in model, created all CRUD functionalities,

but i can not figure out how to build the link that will forward me to page where all related

records will be displayed.

thanks in advance

your help is very much appreciated!

best regards


Hi Tim,

i hope i got your question right. the link could look like this

echo CHtml::link('Show Details',array('items/details','id'=>$model->id));

You have to create than the needed Controllers/Actions or modify the section in the code.

Hi Kabinenkoffer!

Thanks for reply) The problem is that i do not understand how to change controller’s action(model?) to select all children by master id :(((


i do not realy understand your Problem. Maybe you post some code here to have a closer look.

Please read also this article, there is the solution for sure


nevermind, already solved)