Displaying Login Form In Dropdown Using Twitter-Bootstrap

Hi everyone,

I am new to Yii framework.

I am just trying to use some of yii extensions in my web application.

I want to display the login form in the top nav bar inside the dropdown.

So i try to do it with twitter-bootstrap nav bar.

i followed the steps given in this link


but i only got the empty drowdown only. not the form in the view i have created.

i have attached the screenshot with this.

please anyone guide me with this…

Thanks in advance



Hai folks,

I have been waiting for a month but still don’t get any responses.

what am suppose to do?

Was this not at all clear? or

was not able to get what am asking?

If so let me know i will repost it with some other kind of explanations.




can you share your code that we check out what’s wrong in the code…

Thanks for the reply man…

I got the Output what i want.