displaying json data in gridView

I have a function (currently within my controller) which is retrieving a json object from an API. Here is an extract of the json:



    [per_page] => 50

    [total] => 9

    [data] => Array


            [0] => Array


                    [href] => http://surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8000001

                    [id] => 8000001

                    [title] => Survey one


            [1] => Array


                    [href] => http://surveymonkey.co.uk/r/80000002

                    [id] => 8000002

                    [title] => survey two


I would like to display the title and id in a table (GridView or DetailView I guess??)

Ideally the table would have the "title" in columnA and "ID" in columnB which should be a hyperlink to the url, something like this:


Title        |   ID (hyperlink to the website)


Survey One   |  800001

Survey Two   |  800002


I have tried several options but none seem to work. I am able to pass the json file from the controller to the view with this code:

        return $this->render('test',

            // define the variables to pass to view


                'json' => $this->json,



I can dump the json file in the view but I cannot seem to create a Gridview (or DetailView) Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

I would convert the JSON object to an PHP array, and feed it to an ArrayDataProvider for the GridView (or ListView).