Displaying Data From Multiple Tables


I have a requirement where I would like to display a list of records and the information from each record can come from a umber of tables. To further explain I have the following tables:

srp with columns id (PK), srpname, idbusiness (FK), idsite (FK)

business with columns id (PK), businessname

site with columns id (PK), sitename

srpprimary with columns id (PK), idsrp (FK), pname

srpdepname with columns id (PK), idsrp (FK), dname

an srp can have multiple entries in the table srpprimary and one entry in each of the other tables

What I would like is to display an srp record along with all the pname entries in the table srpprimary, the dname from the table srpdepname and the actual business name and site name.

I looked at the CListView but could not see how I could get this additional data.

Any suggestions on how the abvove could best be achieved would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards