Display Tooltip After Gridview Updates Using Ajax


I use yiiGridView javascript function to automatically update a gridview with contacts for every 4 seconds (using setInterval).

When the mouse is over one of the “view”, “edit” or “delete” buttons, there is always a tooltip that shows up (I’m using yii bootstrap extension to have a better graphic design for the tooltips). However, when the ajax request updates the gridview, the tooltip disappears and never shows again in google chrome, unless I move the mouse again. In firefox and IE, the tooltip hides but then it automatically shows up again. Is there any function I can call in order to force the tooltip that was displaying to display again if the mouse continues in the same position as before? I guess I would have to call such function in the complete function of yiiGridView right? Can anyone please help me?

Here is the JS code that I use to automatically update the grid view:


	$('#contact-grid').yiiGridView('update', {

	        data: $(this).serialize(),

		complete: function(jqXHR, status) {




Thank you very much.


i am not sure it’s use for that because i am not use the boostrap extesion…

but i hope it’s may be some little help…please see it…


and one thing id you can page render or renderPartial pass a processOutput… (false and true)




Thank you for your answer. I did what you said, but unfortunately, in google chrome the tooltip disappears and doesn’t show up again unless I move the mouse or click the tooltip. I even tried to simulate a click event on the tooltips class after the grid is updated, but the tooltip still don’t show again. The only way for now is to move the mouse a little bit or just click the tooltip and it shows up… It’s a bit annoying for the user to have the tooltips closed every time, because the update has to be done every 4 seconds.

If anyone has any suggestions to solve this issue please tell me.

Thank you.