Display Test-Blog Page


When you switch tabs menu "Home" and "About" - container page (<div class="container" id="page">) visually on the x-axis is shifted by 4-5 pixels.

At the same time, switching tabs About and Login - correct.

Why? And how to fix it?

Thank you.

I don’t see it. Maybe what you are seeing is the scrollbar pushing the contents to the left. On the About page, there is very little content. So likely there is no scrollbar, but on the other pages the scrollbar is there. My desktop is 1920x1080 so I don’t see scrollbars ever on the blog app.

Edit: As for fixing this, if that is the problem, I would add this to the css so that the scrollbar is always there, even if not needed.

html { overflow-y: scroll; }

what browser and version you use?

Could you post a screenshot of the problem?

Yes, you are right. When scroll exist - content shifted left.

I’ll try to fix it with your solution.


Firefox 21 (1024x768) .

Visually, the screenshots do not differ.

This can be seen when the scroll bar appears.