Display search results in a view?

I’m new to Yii so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I’m trying to perform a search on a list of blog posts in a blog I’m working on. In this system, it’s only possible to see blog posts that you either own, or subscribe to. So, I have the owner_id in the ‘posts’ table, and then a separate ‘subscriptions’ table linking user_ids with post_ids.

'posts' table structure:





'post_subscribers' table structure:


     subscriber_id (a users id)


First, I’m not sure how to best execute the query. I’ve got a custom query right now that’s returning a list of post objects. However, my main question is this:

How do I render the result? Do I put it in a CFormModel? Do I put it in the Posts model and not save it? I should be able to use the Posts view because the resulting data structure is identical, but I don’t know how to properly feed it into the view.

Any help here is much appreciated.

Hello, first U have to know about CActiveRecord Model Class(create it will Gii module),the relations (a method in AR class)

but can u just spare some time to read the blog example in the documentation, all ur questions are in there with excellent examples. cheers

So, if I set up the relations properly I can use the posts model to make the two-part query without having to build a custom query?