Display Images From Protected Folder In Dataprovider Set

I had a look at this post but I havent quite figured how to achieve this yet.

To try and explain as best I can what I’m trying to achieve i’ll explain (forgive the probable ramblings)

So I have a $dataProvider, it lists a load of items using CListView. I have some stored some item pictures in a protected website with temporary names.

In mt $dataProvider I have these tmp_names so what I have tried to do unsuccesfully is in the _view

CHtml::link('<img src="' . Yii::app()->request->baseUrl .'/controller/method/tmp_name" />', array('product/index', 'id'=>$data['id'], 'slug'=> $data['slug']));

Within the controller

	public function getProtectedImage($id)		



		$image = Company::model()->find('tmp_name=:id', array('id' => $id)); 


		$dest = Yii::getPathOfAlias('application.uploads');


		$file = $dest .'/' . $image->tmp_name . '.' . $image->extension;



		header('Content-Type:' . $image->logo_type);






That I had hoped would render the appropriate image for each record in the CListView, but it doesn’t, what am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance



if you want for each dataprovider item an image (which means many requests from browser) you should make an accessible action through http(s), so you have to make something like that

CHtml::link('<img src="' . $this->createUrl('actionGetProtectedImage',array('id'=>$data['id'])) '" />', array('product/index', 'id'=>$data['id'], 'slug'=> $data['slug']));

 public function actionGetProtectedImage($id)