Display Image Thumbnail


I want to display images in bar contains 5 images and can display next and previous.

I have attached image to see what I mean.

Is there any extension?


Hi,This may be helpful to you!

Ad Gallery


Thanks for your reply.

I want images information from database…


Do as follows…

foreach($model as $val){

	$img[] = array(

                    'image_url' => 'images/'.$val->image_name,

                    'thumb_url' =>  'images/thumb/'.$val->image_name,



//use the variable $img into your adgallery extension

$this->widget('application.extensions.widgets.adGallery.adGallery.AdGallery', array(

                        'agWidth' => 650, //450 px wide main image

                        'agHeight' => 400, //200 px wide main image

                        'agThumbHeight' => 75, //75px tall thumb images

                        'agEffect' => 'fade', //fade between images

                        'agSlideShowAutoStart' => 'false', //Automatically start a slide show

                        'imageList' => $img, //Array of Member Photos



If works fine don’t hesitate to press +