Display gridview (based on tab id) in tab

Hi guys,

I am trying to display a gridview, that shows records based on the id of the tab. For some reason I can not get it to work.

What I do is, I load all categories that will be used for the tab. I will then use the search to find all records that have the categorie id. I make an array like this dataprovider[$categorie->id] = … So the model search result/dataprovider is in an array with id of the tab as key.

In the view I load all the tabs and load a gridview. In the gridview I set it to load the data from de array that has the categorie id. But no matter what I do, I always get all the same records in the tabs. It’s not filtered somehow. No matter what filter options I set. I always get the same result back.

Can someone give me a direction on where to look to make this work?

Problem is fixed. Forgot to add the condition to the search model. Now it’s working properly.