Discussion About Yii 2 In Production

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I want to start a new project and i love Yii Framework. I liked so much the Yii 2.0, but the official website said that we musn’t use in production yet!

Ok, but i need to start a new project and I don’t want to use Yii 1.1, because is very dificult to upgrade to Yii 2.0. But in another hand, I read that the released version is for December.

What your opinion about this? I believe that if i begin a project in alpha release, when they create a release, it will not be dificult to upgrade, or i’m wrong??

I need your opinion, please!


PS: Sorry for my english. I’m brazilian and the brazilian forum is bad.

Look through this forum, it’s the most frequently asked question here :)

I wouldn’t agree that it’s difficult to upgrade. It’s time consuming, but not difficult. I’ve got two modules, usr and nfy, that I ported to Yii 2 and keep in sync (yii2-usr and yii2-nfy).

Looking at the number of API changes I’d stick with Yii 1.x for now. It’s quite mature and it certainly can do everything Yii 2 can.

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