Discourse with Yii

Has anyone integrated Discourse with Yii? I need a forum and messaging for a networking site that I have. Users can create private networks and hold in-network conversations. I’m just wondering how much work it would take to get it integrated with Yii. It can’t be a completely separate application running on a subdomain. I would describe myself as an intermediate programmer/developer and want to get a feel for the complexity before diving in head first. Any insights or directions are much appreciated.

Btw, I’m aware of sammaye/yii2-discourse-sso.


You may want to check the code source of this very website for an example of integration. Here’s the GitHub repository: https://github.com/yiisoft-contrib/yiiframework.com

As for urls, I think it should work from a folder, and if discourse really requires its own subdomain, using Apache mod proxy, or something similar could solve this.

Thanks! I didn’t know the website code was publicly viewable. I’ll have a look.

I’ll be looking at integrating discourse in a Yii2 website in a few months, keep me posted if you come across some interesting findings or face some difficulties :slight_smile:

Will do! I’m hoping to get to it soon.