DISCARDEDteenz.com presents Moïra, the book

Hi everyone,

I am so delighted to announce you the opening of DISCARDEDteenz.com.

This is a website, based on yii , designed to promote the work of my daughter Marine, and her novel Moïra.

(A weekly novel intended for an audience of teens).

My hapiness is multiple as I am Marine’s mother . Marine on her late 17’s who speaks 4 languages ( 真的 / verdad / true / vrai) wrote this novel - in English actually - and DISCARDEDteenz.com will publish each chapter weekly. I will also amend the site late with the songs she wrote and interprets .

The other hapiness is that I hadn’t code for more than two years for I was teaching somewhere in China. Well , I reassure you : it’s like cycling, it comes back fast. Moreover, YII framework has been well structuring for my erratic coding style . The blog demo was very helpfull to give me a start then I crawled all along the documentation, discovering extensions, integrating, reading on forum … Pff I need a break nown !

feel free to pay a visit to DISCARDEDteenz.com and leave a comment. Your feedback is much appreciated :D

Felicitaciones, maestra! Por tu hija y por el sitio.

Les deseo el mejor de los éxitos a ambas!

PD: no me imagino a mi mamá desarrollando sitios web con YII… :P

Congratulations!!! For your daughter and for the site!

I wish you girls great success!!!

PS: I can’t imagine my mother developing sites with YII… :P