Disable Video Downloading From Webpage

Hi All,

I want to stop downloading video from my webpage. I was using videojs extension. I have tried multiple times but still its not working.

Is there any way available that I can use to stop downloading video from my website? If not possible using that extension then which one should I use? OR any other way that you know to achieve this goal.

Thanks in advance…


Hi mrs

Which browser you use?

also check with firebug the TYPE of embeded swf file (I thing it should be TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash")

Post it to check the problem


Thanks for quick reply.

I am using Firefox also Chrome.

Using videojs extension I am using .webm, .ogv and .mp4 format to work with different browser.

Can I use another video player i.e. JW player? Please suggest me your great solution.

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To fix the problem we must to have more details so check with firebug the TYPE of embeded swf or same media file


I have checked the swf video type and its "application/x-shockwave-flash".

What is the next step…



Check for issues of your browsers,

I recently test it and works, so check it on another computer