Disable Video Downloading From Webpage

(Raahsalah) #1

Hi All,

I want to stop downloading video from my webpage. I was using videojs extension. I have tried multiple times but still its not working.

Is there any way available that I can use to stop downloading video from my website? If not possible using that extension then which one should I use? OR any other way that you know to achieve this goal.

Thanks in advance…


(Konapaz) #2

Hi mrs

Which browser you use?

also check with firebug the TYPE of embeded swf file (I thing it should be TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash")

Post it to check the problem

(Raahsalah) #3


Thanks for quick reply.

I am using Firefox also Chrome.

Using videojs extension I am using .webm, .ogv and .mp4 format to work with different browser.

Can I use another video player i.e. JW player? Please suggest me your great solution.

With Thanks,


(Konapaz) #4

To fix the problem we must to have more details so check with firebug the TYPE of embeded swf or same media file

(Raahsalah) #5


I have checked the swf video type and its "application/x-shockwave-flash".

What is the next step…



(Konapaz) #6

Check for issues of your browsers,

I recently test it and works, so check it on another computer

(nolanchrist007) #7

While none of the solutions on the 'net seemed to work for those increasingly annoying news sites that throw media in your face, I was overjoyed that chrome #61 finally allows us to control this - though it is a lab and will unceremoniously disappear on us one day.

Use this flag: Autoplay policy - worked like a charm on usatoday.com !!


Update: Doesn’t work on some sites; and since switching to Vivaldi, this switch is not honored at all, so I use uBlock Origin instead, which seems to work well for most sites, except it doesn’t block that darn subscribe to newsletter pop-ups which 75% of sites throw at your face. I hate HTML5 for the increased powers it has given these sites, instead of us.