Disable Ajax Validation for Certain Fields

I finally found a post (copied below) with one solution WITHOUT form builder, but can’t get the syntax right / don’t know how to do it WITH CFormBuilder (which is essential)?

Here’s the other post: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11888-disable-ajax-validation-temporarily/

I’ve been trying for hours now disable ajax validation for certain fields and finally came across this post but I can’t get it to work with form builder and don’t want to have to manually write all 10+ fields… How do you set the “error” or “enableAjaxValidation” property within a CForm array?

I’ve tried the following to no avail:




		//'enableAjaxValidation'=>false,		//doesn't work

		//'error'=>array($model, 'time_start', '', 'enableAjaxValidation'=>false),		//doesn't work

		//'error'=>array('enableAjaxValidation'=>false),		//doesn't work

		//'error'=>$enableAjaxValidation=false,		//doesn't work

		//$enableAjaxValidation=false,		//doesn't work

		//'enableAjaxValidation'=false,		//doesn't work

		//'error'=>'enableAjaxValidation=>false',		//doesn't work


API? :rolleyes: