directory strucure

but after pulling my hair out for ages I can see no way of making:

Point to:

Any help is appreciated.

I did have a lot more information, but it kept marking my post as spam until I removed it all.

still need help

Can you provide more details? Are you using modules or just controllers? Have you tried UrlManager, to redirect request to subfolder?

I am totally lost really. Not really sure what to do to recreate an existing directory structure.

I want to add a view like /site/my-subdirectory/index.php and it will be accessible. But I guess I don;t understand this much it seems. Looks like I have controllers in sub directories from my research, but no idea how that helps me much, i have read all the info I could find, and still not understanding sub directories.

i.e. I want a sub directory just for the want of having one. Not because it points to a controller or anything.