Directory Structure from development to live deployment

Greetings. I have a couple of questions regarding directory structure while developing an app and the structure after uploading to a live site. It is my understanding that the framework directory must be on the live server, and should be above the web root so as it is not accessible from the web. I also understand that the protected directory should be inaccessible as well, but with a .htaccess file. Can this protected directory be moved to the same location as the framework folder, i.e. above the web root? Assuming the answer is yes, will the path need to be declared somewhere and if so, which file?

Also, does it matter if my development server have the same structure as the live site? I installed the unzipped package to my local web root keeping the same directory structure as the package itself and created a test app with no problems, but was wondering if I would need to change paths in any files when I deploy, or should I change my test server to match that of the production server.

Thanks for any help. Great framework BTW.


Yes it can be used like this, i use it this way

In the main config, set basePath pointing to the location of your application folder and thats all :)

about the 2nd question, it does’nt, and again I do the same as you said, but using svn, and when the changes are done i commit

Thanks for the reply Gustavo. It’s good that I can move the program folder. I went ahead and set my laptop to match the directory structure on the live server anyway. It will make ftp a little simpler when uploading the site when done.

Thanks again,


No problem :)

Glad I could help