Directory Does Not Exist Or Writable


I recently had to uninstall my XAMPP and reinstall. I was just going through some console commands. I’m getting the following error, I know what it means, just not how to fix it.

2013/11/16 03:15:33 [error] [exception.CException] exception 'CException' with message 'Directory "C:\xampp\htdocs\site\protected\assets\mail" does not exist or is not writable!' in C:\xampp\htdocs\site\protected\extensions\YiiMailer\YiiMailer.php:542

Stack trace:

I checked that my Yii mailer can work and write to the assets folder which it can. Just it doesn’t seem to be able from the console.

Any help appreciated

do u checked whether the folder assets/mail exist? if not exist create mail folder under assets folder and then proceed…

Yes the folder is there, it worked fine before I had to reinstall xampp. I also sent an email in a demo user registration and it was saved in the assets/mail folder. So i’m unsure why this is now occurring.

I’ve never really used a console before though, is there anything that could need to be changed when working with a console in terms of permissions?

Could console script run with different permissions than the webroot?

try to reinstall the yiimailer or download latest version of yiimailer herehere

I already have Yiimailer 1.5.

I ran the console command again and used it properly, by changing the send property to true. So that Yiimailer actually sends out the email, not text emails and it worked fine. So I just can’t seem to write to that folder.