Direct in-CGridView edit

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Adding an edit field (input box) to every CGridView row is a relatively easy task.

But has anyone got any experience (code examples, extension etc.) on how to accomplish reading values in each edit field, comparing them with IDs for each row and updating proper records after clicking button bellow CGridView? With respecting virtually any datasets received by sorting, filtering and paginating CGridView like user wants to.

How to read such field value, how to get respective row’s ID that are required for model update?



I think the folks who wrote Chive got something like that. Just take a look.

Thanks for the idea. I’ve got Chive installed right into my dev environment, but I haven’t got time to take a look at it or start using it instead of phpMyAdmin (is it worth doing so?). Now, I at least know, where to look at, to get some examples. Thanks again!

There is this extension (did not try it) -

Thanks for the idea.

Off-topic. This extension is rather old (almost two years old). I’ve noticed that for many “old” extensions, link “Tryout a demo” links to framework’s home page. Isn’t that a bug or error? Are these links auto-generated for each new extension?

Those link where part of the template you got when creating new extension, the link for the demo was pointing to the yiiframework main page…

the idea was that the user replaces the link to his demo or delete it (that was written in a comment), but most of users did just leave it as it was… so later we removed those predefined links…

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do you have any answer here?