Different Views and Models

I am developing application and created 5 views against 5 models. I want to give Insert/update/delete data in each form but do not want to implement Yii CRUD. Do I need to create different controller for each view in order to achieve Insert/Update/Delete? I would prefer to manage all this with single controller. Can anyone help?


Yes you can do all this with single controller.

Just you have to use diff - diff actionMethodName().

under actionMethodName(){} you will call more than one Models

Model having Business logic Controller will help you communicate business logic and pass data to view.



Thanks Pravin for your prompt reply. Can you please place a simple example here if you have?

Hi ,

You have to create Once Model Not for All view That;s Advantage of Yii and can use N number of view for that model

Note : Do not need create new model each time . OR Controller

Just call that model