Different Session Timeout Per User (Database)


I’m new in this forum…

I looking differents e many places but I couldn’t some a problem.

I have users with differents categories. A Common user have 5 minutes session time out and the administrator 10 minutes for example.

I configured the main.php file and I’m using normally the session for the database. My main configuration is:

    'session' => array (

        'class' => 'system.web.CDbHttpSession',

        'connectionID' => 'db',

        'sessionTableName' => 'session',

        'timeout' => 300, 


My big problem is that I can’t change the session timeout for a different value that is configured in the main.php.

I have already tried some like posts that dad to use Yii::app()->session->setTimeout(600), Yii::app()->session->add(‘timeout’, 600) and some variations… but no success…

I check the result, looking the value at the database and sow the time that is in the field ‘expire’.