Different module use different domain name

Hey there,

Does anybody know that, different domain point to different module.


A project

  B module

  C module

  d module

when I visit b.xxx.com it will show the B module content, but the url sill b.xxx.com, the same as c and d

Thx for any reply!

look here


use parametrised hostname to parse the "subdomain", knosing that u must configure ur server so all suddomains points to the same app root folder.

than, u can use the variable "usrename" to load the correct module…

It’s not work, when I do thins like that, www.xxx.com also read the b module

what I want is when type www.xxx.com it read my default controller, when type b.xxx.com read b module

any other helps?

It should work like he said

In the rules do something like:

return array(  

	'http://<module:\w+>.example.com/<controller:\w+>/<action:\w+>' => '<module>/<controller>/<action>',