Different login for role based administrators

I would like to create a different login for administrators , I have created a new table for them and there will be roles there.

I do not want to mix them up with frontend users as that will create problems for the data that i have in their tables.

Any ideas as to how I can go about it?

in your protected/components/UserIdentity.php page check user for both the tables admin/user specific tables.then you can identify user is an admin or frontend user set this information in session. Then controllers/SiteController.php in login action check session value set earlier and redirect to appropriate page.

but better way is to create a separate role for front end users and assign them.Then you don`t want to worry about login.

I am planning on having a different url for admin login such as when he goes here "www.mywebsite.com/admin/" he will get a login asking for his id and password similar to the normal website login that the frontend users will get.

I would like to know how this will be possible?


1.The admin will have a different table to the forntend users table

2.The administrators will have roles, while the frontend users will not forntend users will all have same access and will see same pages when logged except with their content.

have a table users(to authenticate and checking of access level,create a function to detect the user and route to the appropriate module), then create a module for admin, another module for the other users,